Do I have to be of legal age in Singapore to get a tattoo?
A. The law does not require anyone to be 18 to get a tattoo , however we will require clients under 18 to seek parental consent prior contacting any artists for potential projects. This is to protect ourselves as service providers.
Are the needles clean or new?
A. We only use clean and sterile equipment in our studio and our needles are of one time usage per client. The needles are also factory sealed. We will be more than happy to open them in front of our clients.
How long should I not exercise after a tattoo session?
A. We recommend refraining from any form of physical activities for a minimum of two weeks as excessive perspiration might adversely affect the healing of a fresh tattoo.
Are there numbing services provided?
A. Yes we do, however we do not recommend the usage of numbing cream as it might adversely affect the outcome of the tattoo piece. Using the numbing cream may also potentially cause negative reactions on clients. We will not be responsible for any risks posed by applying any numbing agents.
Is it okay to bring my friends along to my tattoo session?
A. In light of the recent Covid-19 situation, we highly recommend clients to come alone for their respective appointments to prevent overcrowding in our studio space. If need be, the company of one friend shouldn’t be an issue as long as the artist agrees.
How much do your services cost?
A. Our services starts with a minimum charge of $100. The studio commands different ranges of pricing accordingly to each individual artist. For more in-depth pricing enquiries, do contact the artists individually for their respective rates.
Do I need to touch up my tattoo everytime?
A. In most cases, if the tattoo is well taken care of, you will not require a touch up. However, we do provide complementary touch up within 6 weeks from the completion of the piece(this only applies to one sitting pieces). We reserve the right to refuse this complimentary service if we deem that the tattoo has poorly healed due to improper aftercare.
Can I drink alcohol before or after my appointment?
A. No, we do not recommend clients to drink 24 hours prior and after their scheduled appointment as alcohol thins out the blood and hence, excessive bleeding of your fresh tattoo might occur and the intended outcome might be affected.
What should I prepare before the appointment?
A. Make sure to get sufficient sleep prior to your tattoo sitting as getting tattooed is a process that drains the body’s energy physically. Additionally, having your meal before the appointment is important to prevent your body from going into shock, or having dizzy spells and feeling unwell.
How painful is it to get a tattoo?
A. The pain scale is largely due to a few factors. The area, your pain tolerance in general, the condition of your body during the day of the appointment, and also the tattooing style of your artist. Certain areas of your body where it is more sensitive like the ribs, do actually rank significantly higher on the pain scale.